Buongiorno, this blog is written by Frank Ostermann. I’m a post-doc grantholder at the Joint Research Center of the European Commision in Ispra. What, you don’t know what the JRC is? Well, have a look here.

I’m interested in all things geographic, but mostly any type of geographic information and the (r)evolution of its creation, distribution and use. To use recent and/or current buzzwords: This blog is about geographic information in social media networks, micro-blogging networks, citizen science, crowd sourcing, volunteered geographic information, all with special attention to its use for crisis response and management (did I forget anything? search engine crawlers, are you satisfied?)

I intend to use it to publish things I find interesting or worth commenting/sharing in a more informal way than journal publications. It’s my personal blog, and I while I may talk about some project-related things, it’s in no way official or connected to the European Commission (except by me, of course). In case you haven’t noticed: This was a disclaimer. You are welcome to re-use any of my content under the Creative Commons license. All images posted on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.

If you want to learn more or contact me: You can check out an unofficial web site of my last project here. A new current project investigates data retrieval and integration from micro unmanned aerial vehicles and implications for policy making (no dedicated website yet… ). Other contact options include LinkedIn, Twitter(@foostman) or old-fashioned e-mail (foost@web.de).


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