Monthly Archives: February 2013

or so the saying goes. At least part of it. Anyway, it’s been very quiet here for almost three months now. The main reason is that most of my spare energy at the moment goes into searching for new work – my current project (and with it funding) will end in a couple of months, so I’m spending my time less writing and more scouting. And flying a UAV, actually, because we’re following up on last year’s successful “Big Blue Balloon” experience. I’ll be posting about Ed (our “Environmental Drone”) soonish.

In the meantime, let me recommend some great posts by other bloggers.

First, there’s always something worthwhile on iRevolution – I am always awed by the frequency with which Patrick can publish high-quality blog posts. Yesterday’s post caught my eye in particular, because it shows Patrick isn’t only a keen thinker and great communicator, but also could do well as entrepreneur – check out his ideas for a smartphone application for disaster-struck communities here.

Then, I really love reading Brian Timoney’s MapBrief blog. It’s not only enlightening, it’s also fun – as long as you’re not the target of Brian’s sharp wit. Recently, he has run a series on why map portals don’t work. Most of the reasons should be pretty obvious, but equally obvious is the failure by most portals to do differently. Read up on it here.

On Zero Geography, Mark Graham shares with us the latest results from his research, and there have been several great posts recently on the usage of Twitter in several African cities. Visit it here to learn some surprising things about contemporary digital divides.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did, but I also promise you won’t have to wait for “strange aeons” before some original material is posted here.